Therapist Wedding Date

2016-09-09 14:00

I watched MOH Tart and BM Biscuits round the corner and head down the aisle with excitement. I clutched my dad’s arm and moved forward as if in a dream. DoC Addie held a hand up,6y7y香港开奖结果, telling us silently to wait.

The last notes of I Will Follow You into the Dark faded away and a new song started playing. I never really talked to you about the songs we were planning to use for the ceremony because, while we knew what we wanted, we didn’t know if it would work. I spent months searching for an instrumental version of a particular song without much success. There was a karaoke version, sure, but it wasn’t what we wanted.

Enter my brother to the rescue. He and my dad are both musicians and they recorded a version for me. Unfortunately, we soon realized the nuance of their version would get lost in the space of Sodo Park. Before I could get too sad, however, my brother sent me a different version. I don’t know how he did it, but he remastered a finger-style guitar version (not played by him) and I had my bridal entrance. It is quite similar to this version below.

As soon as I rounded the corner, I locked eyes with Sparky.

First look or no first look, that walk down the aisle toward my love was magical.

I only looked away once and saw two people crying (my aunt and a friend) and I quickly looked away, lest I start crying myself.

Near to the end,让我很头痛, my dad choked up. Hive, I have been alive for 27 and a half years and I can’t recall EVER seeing my dad cry until this moment.

I have the proof and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. Even looking at the above photos makes me feel full of love.

I gave my dad a giant hug.

He had a manly hug with Sparky (while I collected myself) and took his seat.

Then things really got moving.

(As always, all photos are copyrighted by Love Song Photo.)

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