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2016-09-11 08:59

By the time you read this,香港本期六合彩, Mr. Coyote and I will be on our way to fabulous Jamaica for our honeymoon. And even though I’ve slept a total of five hours in the past three days, and I still have to finish packing, I just wanted to pop back in to write my first post as a Mrs. (and share some guest photos of course!).

Our wedding day was absolutely magical and better than anything I could have ever dreamed up for myself.

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At one point during our reception Mr. Coyote looked at me and said,06 上传, “The word surreal has never had so much meaning to me.”

(Guest Photo)

Our ceremony was so, so beautiful and heartfelt (I literally sobbed through the entire thing) and then we partied like freakin’ rock stars at the reception. Our guests had so much fun that many of them came up to us at the end of the night and told us that we should get married every year. I think I could get on board with that. ???‰

(Guest Photo)

Our awesome photographers have promised us a quick turn around on our photos and I can’t wait to get started on recaps, but in the meantime I have so many great things to share with you when I return! See you guys next week!

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